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首要,人事组织不妥。开展,转移,项目施行失败 这就是云核算项目运营的 怪圈 。云核算被炒得很火,所以那些IT公司里最有影响力的人便很快涉足其间。可是,他们和首席信息官关系亲近其实不意味着他们相同有才能运营好云核算项目。





下列两种运营方式必定会导致项目失败。第一种,将 一次运转中断便会毁掉事务 的程序植入云中,然后向那些互联网中的神灵恳求千万不要出任何差错。这太冒险了。另外一种便是将没人感爱好的程序植入云中,期望可以以此引起用户爱好。这种方法太不显眼了。我们应该寻找一种更为折中的方法。


As best practices continue to emerge, so are the things that will kill your cloud project guarantee

Many panies are having great suess with cloud puting, and clear that the market continues to grow by leaps and bounds. However, with any new technology plays, there are those projects that do quick face-plants. These paths to failure are also emerging and highly avoidable.

Here are three surefire ways to fail with cloud puting, and what you can learn from them to avoid suffering that same fate.

First, put the wrong people on the project. This is the most mon way that cloud puting development, migration, and implementation projects fail. Cloud puting is a hyped "cool" space. So those who have the most political clout in an IT anization quickly position themselves on cloud puting projects. However, just because they are buddy-buddy with the CIO does not mean they have the architectural and technical skills to make the cloud work for the enterprise.

Bad decisions are also made in terms of deciding how to select technology types and technology providers. It's a manage-by-magazine world at many anizations. When you select what's popular versus what's a true architectural fit, you shoot yourself in the foot. I'm fixing a ton of these mistakes these days.

Second, security is an afterthought. This means that those driving the project do not consider security and pliance requirements until after deployment. It's almost impossible to retrofit security into a cloud puting deployment, so the approach and use of technology (such as encryption) should be systemic to the environment. This is a rookie mistake.

Third, select the wrong business problem to solve with cloud puting. The right approach is to pick new application development or existing application migration that is meaningful to the business, but that is not mission-critical.

There are two paths to failure here. The first is to pick the "kill the business with a single outage" type of application, put it in the cloud, and then pray to the Inter gods that nothing goes wrong. Too risky. The second is to pick a meaningless application that nobody cares about, move it to the cloud, and hope that somebody notices. Too underwhelming. Find something that falls in the middle.

10:31:00 边缘核算 企业有必要进入云端吗?可以进入边缘核算 如今物联网的应用愈来愈广泛,但需要具有企业的视角。这意味着垂直职业运用程序、开发生态体系、产品规划、硬件、布置等。
10:19:00 云资讯 谷歌牵手VMware将虚拟化工作负载引入谷歌云 彭博社报导称,谷歌与VMware正在打开合作,协助企业更轻松地在Google Cloud Platform上运转VMware vSphere虚拟化软件和网络东西。
09:52:00 云资讯 谷歌与戴尔旗下云核算公司VMware建立新协作 试图追逐竞争对手 据国外媒体报导,当地时间周一,谷歌宣布与戴尔旗下的云核算公司VMware建立新的合作同伴关系,协助更多企业迁移到云端,从而试图追逐其竞争对手。
09:10:00 云技能 云核算年代,硬件为何仍然十分重要? 加利福尼亚大学圣迭戈分校选用了“云优先”的战略,他们筛选了三台大型机、将尽量多的核算工作负载转移到云端、尽量抛弃内部布置软件,转而使用软件即效劳。
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